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The difference between a professional and average car window tint experience


If you answer YES to any of the following questions then you did NOT get a professional finish.


Viewing the vehicle's glass from the outside

  • Can you see a gap where the window tint does not go behind the vertical rubbers of the side window frame?
  • With the car parked in the shade can you see contamination under the window tint - such as lint, fluff, hair or dust particles? (these show up as white imperfections).
  • Can you see any gaps around the edges of the rear windscreen where the installer has not taken the window tint to the edge?

Viewing the vehicle's glass from the inside

  • With the side windows wound down so you can see the top edge of the glass, can you see unsightly 2mm gaps along the top edge?
  • Can you see the unslighly rounded corners of the top ends of the glass?
  • Can you see any contamination in your field of view under the window tint?
  • When you look at the rear windscreen (best to sit on the back seat for this) can you see light streaming through the glass around the edges?
  • Can you see creasing of the window tint caused by poor preparation or application to the rear windscreen?
  • Can you see contamination through the rear windscreen?

The problems mentioned above are usually the result of inexperience or quick installation by those using the outdated "Retro Fit" (quickfit). Auto Tint eliminates those problems associated with a retro fit by using it's own "Chamfered Edge Custom Fit" giving you a gapless edge and no rounded corners to the side glass and a clean installation of the film.

If you answer NO to the following questions then you did Not get expert advice on the shade of the window tint.

Viewing the vehicle's glass from the inside and outside

  • Do you like the colour and darkness of the glass?
  • Does it suit the car?

The appearance of your car is just as important as the performance of the film, reducing heat, uv rays and glare. Everytime you drive the car you will have to look at, and through the window tint so it is important to view samples on display at the Tint Shop in Fyshwick and obtain expert advice to achieve an ideal result.

Auto Tint takes pride in the installation of Car Window Tinting giving you unsurpassed quality of workmanship.

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